Middlesex Centre Council Recap: Feb – Apr 2017


February 2017

  • In late February, my motion to join the group of municipalities asking the TVDSB to install automated external defibrillators (AEDs) in all schools across the board was passed.

March 2017

  • After careful deliberation and consideration of the consequences of the maintaining the status quo or a change, Council voted to continue to allow municipal staff to serve as volunteer firefighters, as long as their supervisor determines it won’t interfere with their normal responsibilities.
    • We often get a big response on calls, so I’m confident this won’t impact services or the number of firefighters that respond.
  • We had successful grant applications come back from the federal government to help Middlesex Centre improve the Ilderton Rail Trail, and the Ilderton Skate Park.
  • The design for the new Ilderton Wastewater Treatment Facility began.

April 2017

  • Middlesex Centre approved the initial steps of turning the old senior citizens’ home at Gideon Dr and Brigham Rd into a self-storage facility. The drawings looked pretty nice, and the owner of the property seemed eager to work with people that live nearby to minimize disruption of any kind.

I will return tomorrow with updates for May and June 2017.

Healthy Hikes Challenge


Reading through recent Middlesex Centre council meeting minutes — what? Isn’t that what you do in your spare time? 🙂 — I came across a notice about the Healthy Hikes Challenge.

From their website:

Conservation Ontario and Ontario’s 36 Conservation Authorities challenge you to spend time hiking in our province’s over 270 Conservation Areas and track your progress for a chance to win great prizes! Healthy Hikes will teach you about the ways our environment boosts your health and how you can energize your body and mind by Stepping into Nature.

At first I got excited about the prospects of taking more time to visit Komoka Provincial Park and maybe win a prize by doing something that’s good for me. Unfortunately, a second later I realized I was thinking of a Provincial Park, and not a Conservation Area. So for me that means I would need to drive to the Coldstream Conservation Area, or walk/bike to Komoka Provincial Park to accomplish (minus the prizes) the same thing.

I think I’ll stick with Komoka Provincial Park, but I would still encourage you to participate in the Healthy Hikes Challenge! If you already frequent a Conservation Area near you, it’s easy to register and log your activity. There are some pretty great prizes on the line too!

Image Credit: Ontario Conservation Areas

London, Ontario – A City of Bests?


Well… the past few weeks have really gotten London, and its citizens, reeling. Amongst the day-to-day stuff that happens – snarling traffic, complaints about students, store/factory closures – we also have some heartening news like progress on an HIV vaccine, and the ability to communicate with some people who are in a vegetative state. Can London turn itself around? Can we focus less on Mayor Fontana’s criminal charges and mounting legal battles, and instead focus on what the Forest City does well?

I know… in this recent era, you may be asking yourself… what on Earth does London have going for it? Plenty, actually! And I’ve come up with a brief list if things that either London is tops in, or near the top.

Let’s face it… we need to focus more on what we do well, and continue to push other institutions to do more. Let’s strive for better, take risks, continue to invest money where it makes the most sense, and prepare ourselves for the future. We cannot foresee all that will happen, especially with JoFo at the helm, but we can make the decisions necessary to ensure London survives, and thrives, even in the face of adversity at the top.

What else is London tops (or near the top) in?