Council Preview: Aug 14, 2019

Welcome to another Middlesex Centre Council meeting preview, this time for the only meeting scheduled for August 2019. Here is the full agenda.

The last public meeting item will be the one I already previewed a few days ago, that being official plan and zoning by-law amendments applied for at 22447 Komoka Rd, Komoka. Please see that post for more details on those applications.

Council will start at 17:00 and go straight into a closed session to deal with a number of items. We should resume normal Council business by 18:00 and proceed into…

Consent Agenda

  • The July building report was strong one again. Almost as many pool building permits as home building permits were issued!
  • We are looking at a new lease agreement with Pete’s Sports to offer skate sharpening services at the Wellness Centre!
  • A new, one year lease for Whitehills Childcare Association to continue operating at the Ilderton Arena.
  • Staff need Council approval to complete some emergency repairs to the Wellness Centre’s fire alarm system.
  • Bearing out what many have long thought true, Tiffany Farrell has a report showing that the majority of animal control costs are related to cats and other animals, and is therefore recommending that dog-related costs be moved to the tax levy since animal control benefits the entire community.
    • If approved, it appears dog license registration would be free.
    • Which makes me wonder, should we then pursue licensing cats?
    • How do you feel about this change?
  • The budget to actual report is looking on track overall.
  • Staff are looking to introduce a water payment plan for individuals who have an unexpectedly high bill, likely due to a leak in their home. A smart move that will save residents money if they take a few months to pay it, rather than incurring interest each month. There are limitations of course, and staff are recommending the following:
    • Single family residential properties only
    • The usage must be at least three times the average usage (last quarter is reviewed to determine the average)
    • Plumbing must be in compliance with government regulations
  • Staff are recomending approval to proceed with the Bear Creek Municipal Drain Branch 6, Needham Municipal Drain, and Reig Municipal Drain Branch A improvements

Staff Reports

  • Community Services completed a cost-benefit analysis of outsourcing snow plowing our community centres and arenas, and came to the conclusion that it’s still better to do the work in-house.
  • Staff are recommending that Council do not approve writing off the Middlesex Centre Regional Medical Centre’s back taxes, but that they proceed with negotiating a new lease, and to appeal to the superior court over the medical centre’s current property tax status (commercial rather than education). I agree with most of that. What I don’t agree with at this time is removing the green roof, considering removing it will further reduce our ability to capture carbon and will likely lead to increased heating and cooling costs for the building.
  • And Tiffany has also prepared a service agreement to use with other municipalities once we hire the Fire Prevention & Training Officer Council approved hiring in July.

Public Meetings

Feel free to review the other public meetings coming up on the agenda. As stated previously, the only public meeting of importance to Ward 4 is the official plan amendment and zoning by-law amendment applications put forth by Todd and Cole Powell for 22447 Komoka Road, which is the property behind the Petro-Canada station at Glendon Dr and Komoka Rd.

I want to add some additional clarity here:

  • This meeting will not see the approval of any official plan amendments, zoning by-law amendments, or development of the site.
  • The applications put forth are only for amending the official plan and zoning by-laws, and those do not explicitly state the built form of the proposed building. Detailed drawings are appreciated, but not expected at this stage.
  • The inaccuracy of the architect’s drawings notwithstanding, many resident concerns can be addressed through zoning or a subdivision agreement, or with the timing of other items Council is waiting on (e.g. the Stormwater Management Master Plan) should this move forward.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding the items above, please let me know.