2018 Election Platform

Parks and Recreation

I often hear our indoor recreational facilities are top-notch, especially the Wellness Centre, but that our outdoor facilities need some revitalization. After coaching, spectating, and playing with my children in our parks, soccer fields, and baseball diamonds, I agree we can do better. You have told me that:
  • We need additional soccer facilities in order to allow our residents to play more often, and on better ground than is currently available.
  • We need upgrades to our baseball facilities to enhance the playing and spectating experience regardless of your age.
  • We have several playing areas that have fallen into disrepair. This is a disservice to residents and discourtesy to those that erected them.
Going forward, that means:
  • Staying in close contact with Tridon Group and municipal staff to ensure the revamped Optimist Park (Stephen Moore Dr) meets our needs.
  • Working with municipal staff to install seating areas, better player benches and shade for spectators at Komoka Park (Queen St) in 2019.
  • Getting those same improvements installed at Westbrook Park in 2020.
  • Ensuring our existing playing surfaces – tennis/pickleball, beach volleyball, basketball, horseshoes – are maintained properly so that we can all benefit from them.

Even Better Communication

In less than two years, the level of communication has been greatly enhanced. You asked for better communication, and we have been able to deliver:
  • Regular communication via Facebook, Twitter, and email
  • A new, official monthly email newsletter from Middlesex Centre staff
  • Multiple polls performed on large issues, and I voted accordingly
  • Spreading information about public meetings beyond the legal mandate
  • Multiple resident surveys run by staff to find out how people feel about multiple issues
  • Motion to include live streaming in our new digital agenda management software approved
Going forward, I am committing to a communication service level agreement with me that starts right now, including:
  • Council meeting previews at least 48 hours prior to meeting time
  • Council meeting recap within 48 hours after meetings
  • Acknowledgement of tweets, messages, emails, or phone calls within two business days
  • A full response to any communication within five business days
It will be my job to ensure I get the answers you are looking for from municipal staff, and I’m happy to do it!

Emerging Ideas

From time to time, residents bring me ideas that just make sense. It could be a better way of cutting grass, cleaning roads and sidewalks, communicating with residents, or related to how spend money. I welcome these all and take them seriously. One idea in particular that stuck out to me was allowing residents to carryover unused water/wastewater below the minimums. While this idea wasn’t feasible in this way, it did spark another idea! Sparked by my friend Linda, and her carryover idea, I spoke with Deputy Mayor DeViet, Middlesex Centre’s treasurer, and the engineer. We determined that a Union Gas-style Equal Billing Plan was doable, and would provide residents with far more certainty each month. It’s currently being worked on and should be available in early 2019. These are the types of initiatives that discussions can lead to. If you have ideas for saving money, spending it more wisely, or other ideas, I am always happy to hear them.