April 23, 2020 COVID-19 Update

Quick bullet point notes:

  • Parks are closed; easier to enforce, people were driving and parking at parks and gathering
  • All trails in Ward 4 closed
  • Permanent part-time staff were laid off a few weeks ago; I did not support this, thought it was too soon
  • Bills continue to be issued at this time; payment plans available for people falling on hard times
  • Any work being done by staff or contractors on behalf of staff has been cleared through provincial government
  • Fire department and PWE in good shape
  • No new building permits issued after midnight on April 4, but permits issued prior to this date could start construction
  • Sports programs cancelled are receiving 100% refunds from the municipality
  • Water consumption has gone down year over year and month over month
  • Eligibility requirements for provincial and federal programs have changed; check your eligibility again if you didn’t qualify previously
  • Looking to reports from staff next week on what else we can do to support residents locally
  • Contact me with questions, comments or concerns