How about them trees, PenEquity?

Earlier tonight the Second Planning & Environment Committee voted to allow PenEquity clear a massive 4.2 hectare woodlot with the promise of 1,200 jobs. There won’t be 1,200 jobs coming to this massive monstrosity of a shopping plaza south of the 401, behind the Costco and Gold’s Gym. Here’s why. Let’s assume that 1,200 jobs … Read moreHow about them trees, PenEquity?

Letter to the Planning & Environment Committee

I took some time to write to the Mayor and members of the Planning & Environment Committee today. Why? Because the PenEquity proposal is… well… not great the way it stands. It’s massive, practically in the middle of nowhere, and threatens to eliminate thousands of strong, mature trees that do us a lot of good, … Read moreLetter to the Planning & Environment Committee

London Rooftops – Let’s Use Them!

The city of London has a lot of empty rooftops, especially in the downtown core. Lots of flat rooftops that just sit there, all day, all night, absorbing heat/cold and getting brown. See the picture to the right from my friend Dawn Lyons as an example – it was taken from One London Place this … Read moreLondon Rooftops – Let’s Use Them!

One Way Forward

Canada. Canada has survived and thrived over the past 144 years thanks to good leadership, determination, and vision. A vision of a nation designed to provide the most essential human rights we all deserve, while providing the opportunity for people to define their own destiny. But that ability is being threatened. Threatened the powers that … Read moreOne Way Forward

Keeping Track of the Candidates (EML)

This Federal election, it’s easier than ever to keep track of what candidates are doing and saying. At least, it should be. Yesterday I showed you how to keep track of the candidates in Lambton-Kent-Middlesex. Today, as promised, we’re going to be looking at the candidates running in Elgin-Middlesex-London. Joe Preston – Conservative Party Candidate … Read moreKeeping Track of the Candidates (EML)