Municipal Politicians Need to Open Up

Dear London-area politicians, You need to open up more. WAY more. The lack of communication we get at the municipal level is abysmal. Compare yourselves to Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty, Ontario Ombudsman Andre Marin, MP Tony Clement, former Toronto Mayor David Miller, or MP Glen Pearson, and you’ll see the difference between your approach and … Read more

Joe Fontana’s NOT Twitter Account

I was interviewed this morning by Deb Van Brenk at the London Free Press after a short online spat with the City of London’s┬áCommunications┬áDept on Twitter. Basically, here’s the gist of what happened: Yesterday afternoon several people, including myself, noticed that @londonsmayor had been re-registered by someone after former Mayor Anne-Marie DeCicco-Best had changed her … Read more

Recent Changes to My Website

With the number of changes I’ve made to my website over the last 12 months, I thought it would be a good idea to go over some of the major features.

  1. Integration of RPX. This means you can login using your Google, Yahoo!, Twitter, OpenID, Facebook or LiveJournal account and start participating in comments/discussions.
  2. The current theme/layout. This theme has a lot of hidden features. One major one I’d like to highlight is if you hover your mouse over the top-right corner of the webpage, you’ll be given options to increase/decrease the size of the text and also the ability to change from a fixed-width version of my site to a fluid-width version of my site.

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New Direction

Well, I was going to be using this website for a business-related purpose, but that has fallen through and now I’m free to use it as I pleased. That being said, I’ve decided to bring back my “personal page” back from the dead. I have included feeds from my Twitter and Flickr accounts on to … Read more