Council Preview: Mar 20, 2019

Here is your preview of the Middlesex Centre Council meeting for March 20, 2019. You can find the full agenda here.

No closed session this meeting! Yay!

Delegations, Presentations & Petitions

First up, a non-resident named Emmy Nguyen is asking for the fees associated with her motor vehicle collision/incident in August 2018 be waived. You can read her statement along with our Fire Chief’s report.

Consent Agenda

  • The January and February Building Reports look healthy. Oriole Park is booming right now! I know that building permits are now available for EdgeWater Estates, and will likely be available for Kilworth Heights West in the next couple of months, so the rest of 2019’s building reports could show double digit single family dwelling and townhome building permits being issued.
  • The 2018 Animal Control Year End Summary has some sad news in the form of a few animals needing to be euthanized, but overall a good picture shown. Remember that dogs are licensed in Middlesex Centre, so please get your dog licensed! Also, Lobo Animal Care & Control handles animal control for the municipality!
  • The budget actuals look good, and our annual repayment limit vs. payments being made in 2019 are in great shape. MXC is using only roughly 50% of our annual repayment limit, and we have several debts that will be fully paid off before the end of this Council term in 2022.

Staff Reports

  • Chris Traini, Middlesex County’s Engineer, will be at Council to present and discuss the crosswalk on Hyde Park Rd, south of Ilderton Rd. Much has been made of this crosswalk and the controversy surrounding its current state vs. what Middlesex Centre Council would like it to be (lights, push button, etc).
    • I have said my piece about this. I don’t represent Ward 1/Ilderton, but I think it sets a poor precedent if we can’t justify beefing up this crosswalk. To me, using traffic counts at a crosswalk many believe to be unsafe in order to justify leaving it as-is or removing it entirely is completely backwards. Pedestrians are consistently treated as second-class citizens when it comes to crosswalks.
  • Staff is seeking approval to award the concrete sidewalk replacement program to Autoform Contracting London, which came in almost $40,000 under budget. If approved, staff will also seek to get more work done and catch up on this important program.
  • The London and Western Ontario Branch of the Umpire Loyalist Association of Canada would like to erect a plaque in honour of Colonel Daniel Springers, who is buried at Tiffany’s Pioneer Cemetery in Delaware.
  • Staff is seeking approval of the application of draft subdivision for the last portion of Union Ave to be developed. The developer would like to erect 9 homes along the westerly part of Union Ave, just north of Oxbow Drive.
  • Donna Layng would like to remove her severance agreement for a piece of land along Denfield Drive, in Denfield. Staff is recommending approval.

Committee of Adjustment

Only one to decide on. Liane Allen is seeking approval to erect an accessory building that is larger than typically allowed; 86m² instead of the normal 60m².

Public Meetings

There are two public meetings for properties in Ward 4 at this meeting.

  • The owners of 10125 Oxbow Drive are seeking approval to re-zone the property to UR-1, which would eventually allow for development of the land.
    • This is just the latest step in this developer’s process to develop these lands. They will likely be building the first three homes along Oxbow Drive this year, which will help fund the rest of the engineering studies and such for the remainder of the property.
  • There is an application to sever a surplus farm residence at 9800 Oxbow Drive, between the CN Railway tracks and Landsdowne Park Cres.

And that does it! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the items above or the public meetings I omitted from the preview, please let me know!