Council Recap: March 20, 2019

This recap is a long time coming! I got caught up in the swing of my daughter being born just a few days later, and haven’t had much opportunity to sit down and catch up on these blog posts. Thankfully things are back to normal, and so now I can continue with the responsibilities I promised during the last election campaign.

Here is a link to the preview, in case you missed it.

Delegations, Presentations & Petitions

Emmy Nguyen made her case for why the invoice for fire services should be either reduced or eliminated. The Fire Chief also spoke about the services provided to Ms. Nguyen, a non-resident. During Council’s turn to ask questions, I asked Emmy whether she knew that a Middlesex Centre resident would also be billed for fire department services rendered in the City of London, if I were involved a collision there. She did not know that. We also found out that interest is not applied on bills for fire/rescue services, so Ms. Nguyen can take her time paying the bill, which she will need as she’s a student. After a few more questions from Council, we voted to receive the information and no further action was included.

Consent Agenda

  • Nothing truly special here to report. Building activity is roughly the same as 2018, but we expect that to rise now that building permits can be issued for EdgeWater Estates. I suspect Kilworth Heights West is shortly behind.
  • Budget is in good shape.
  • Middlesex Centre is well below its annual repayment limit, and our own policies specify a repayment limit that’s far below the maximum set by the province. We have several debts that will be eliminated this Council term, and I’m looking forward to seeing those drop off the list.
  • All items were received for information.

Staff Reports

  • Chris Traini could not attend the meeting to discuss the southern cross walk on Hyde Park Rd in Ilderton. Ultimately nothing was decided. I did receive an idea from a member of the public later, which I will discuss with Council members soon.
  • Autoform Contracting London was awarded the sidewalk replacement program for 2019. I also bring the very welcome news that the sidewalk on St. Lawrence Street in Komoka will finally be extended all the way to Komoka Road, across the former Food Town property!
  • Council voted to approved the placement of the United Empire Loyalist Burial Ground Plaque in Tiffany’s Pioneer Cemetery in Delaware.
  • Council approved a grant for the Optimist Club of Ilderton to replace Canadian flags in support of Canada Day celebrations in Ilderton.
  • Council voted to inform the County that we recommend draft plan approval of the subdivision on the south side of Union Ave, near Oxbow Drive.
  • Council approved removing the severance agreement for a property in Denfield.

Committee of Adjustment

Council approved the minor variance application put forth by Steve and Liane Allen to allow them to build a larger-than-normal accessory building.

Public Meetings

  • Timberwalk Phase 5
    • There is a lot of concern, some of it based in contracts and written discussions, of what Sifton is proposing to alter.
    • The primary concerns raised were over density, promises vs. current proposal, discrepancies in marketing (even current marketing that I could find on the Sifton website during the meeting), storm water drainage, road conditions, pedestrian safety, and a few others.
    • By the end, Council recommended that the public form a committee that would attempt to address their concerns with Sifton directly, and now Council will wait to see the results of that.
    • No other decisions were on the table, or made this evening.
  • Application ZBA 06 2019 was approved.
  • Qutaiba Tawfic Medicine Professional Corporation
    • There were concerns from neighbours about traffic, setbacks, and a commercial property next to their residential properties.
    • Dr. Qutaiba and his planner did their best to explain why this location was purchased and chosen for a medical clinic including access to highways nearby, being able to care for more patients than he has funding to do so at St. Joseph’s Hospital, being able to put a healing garden in the back, and so on.
    • As a commercial property, this property is subject to site plan control and therefore Dr. Qutaiba has a whole host of provisions to address including setbacks, screening, and others that will probably address his neighbours’ concerns fairly well.
    • Council voted to receive the information and will see this application back at Council at a later date with a firm recommendation from staff.
  • Council voted to approve applications ZBA-08-2019, ZBA-09-2019, and ZBA-05-2019.


Council voted to receive items 12.1 through 12.8, and to appoint the County of Middlesex as our weed inspector.