Council Preview: Jan 30, 2019

There isn’t much to this special meeting, dedicated to the 2019 budget, that hasn’t already been discussed. I will take the time to highlight a few items and actual, long-term implications as far as costs go. Documents Here is the Director of Corporate Services’ presentation. Here is the full budget. Municipality-Wide Highlights Water and wastewater … Read moreCouncil Preview: Jan 30, 2019

Council Recap: Jan 23, 2019

If you missed the last Middlesex Centre Council meeting preview, you can find it here and the public meeting preview here. I’m using my tweets from during the Council meeting as the recap, so that’s why it’s written in the present tense! Presentations, Delegations & Petitions We started with Bill Rayburn, speaking about his recommended … Read moreCouncil Recap: Jan 23, 2019

Council Preview: Jan 23, 2019

This is the Middlesex Centre Council meeting agenda for January 23, 2019. You can find the full agenda here. Today I will be focusing on the Delegations, Presentations & Petitions, Consent Agenda, Staff Reports, and Committee of Adjustment. I already wrote about the Public Meetings affecting Ward 4 a few days ago. Delegations, Presentations & … Read moreCouncil Preview: Jan 23, 2019

Public Meetings: Jan 23, 2019

Hi there! I’m doing something a bit different this week since there are some impactful public meetings affecting Ward 4 next week, so I wanted to dedicate a post just to them today. I’ve gone back and forth with staff on a few of these already, so hopefully I have the answers you seek even … Read morePublic Meetings: Jan 23, 2019

Council Recap: Jan 9, 2019

If you missed the agenda and preview, you can find it here. Delegations, Presentations, and Petitions We had a lengthy presentation from John Mascarin, along with his colleague Megan (didn’t catch her last name), on the roles and responsibilities he has as our Integrity Commissioner and Closed Meeting Investigator. He went over a lot of … Read moreCouncil Recap: Jan 9, 2019