Council Recap: Oct 23, 2019

Here is your recap of yesterday’s Middlesex Centre council meeting!

If you missed the preview, you can click here to read it.

The closed session began at 17:00 and ended around 18:03. We went a bit long. Open session got underway shortly thereafter.

Consent Agenda

Consent agenda was approved without any discussion.

Staff Reports

  • We discussed item 8.1. The student would come from one of three programs at Fanshawe College – architectural technology, construction tech, or possibly engineering tech. Approved.
  • Item 8.2, the Corporate Strategic Plan. CAO DiLullo spoke briefly about the report, noted that $100K budget was already approved for 2019 and at the high end of what could be spent. This will actually be initiated in 2020. Cllr Aerts asked whether other master plans currently in progress would be put on hold — yes. Approved.
  • Item 8.3, the benefits eligibility change. This would only change access to an extended benefits plan accessible from 55 to 65 years of age for employees that are retiring. Changing the minimum MXC tenure requirement from 20 to 10 yrs. Retiree picks up half the tab for the plan.
  • As a result, very minimal potential financial impact to the municipality, but potentially helps attract and retain talent. Change approved.
  • Too early to go to Committee of Adjustment, so we looked at Correspondence and got the County Council update.

New Business

I asked for update on Stormwater Management Master Plan. Rob Cascaden, Director of PWE, said it should be coming from Stantec any day now and will follow-up again tomorrow.

Council paused until 19:00 when we can commence Committee of Adjustment and Public Meetings.

Committee of Adjustment

  • First three items under Committee of Adjustment passed without any discussion.
  • Application for item 9.4 was denied. Already lots of parking issues in the area (west end of Ilderton along Ilderton Rd), and half the spots could be taken up by staff of the businesses. I agreed with the applicant’s agent that many municipal parking requirements have been overblown in the past, but the relaxing of those rules recently are now leading to routine overcrowding in some areas. This is one case where I didn’t want to contribute to additional issues where they are already happening.

Public Meetings

Public meetings were quick. Both applications approved.

All wrapped up by 19:40! Thanks to Jane Sims from the London Free Press for taking an interest! She came to speak with some staff about the proposed changes to ice time and youth sports player fees. She and I had a nice chat during the break as well.