2018 Election Platform


Since being appointed Ward 4 Councillor in November 2016, I have done my best to work on behalf of Komoka’s and Kilworth’s residents in order to help them get by-law related issues resolved, move developments forward in a way that satisfies all parties, improve the safety of our communities, make life more affordable, and help inform residents of what’s happening and why.

I have achieved several of my goals, including:

  • Making Council meetings more accessible, to more members of the public, by
    • Voting to move meetings to 6pm, and
    • Introducing and getting a motion passed to bring a live streaming solution online
  • Voting to freeze water and wastewater rates for the past two years
  • Making the budget more inclusive and transparent by:
  • Sharing budget timelines and visualizations on social media platforms
  • Using social media to invite the public to participate in budget information and feedback sessions
  • Getting both Komoka and Kilworth involved in traffic calming pilots
  • Asking for, and receiving, a traffic calming policy and guide to provide clear guidelines and many options
  • Listening to, and bringing forth, resident concerns regarding the YMCA, environmentally sensitive development, snow clearing damage, and a variety of other issues

Still to come in 2018 is a motion to reduce the default speed limit to 40 km/h starting in 2019, further enhancing everyone’s safety and paving the way to easier walking, cycling, and other wheeled travel.

Looking Forward

Komoka and Kilworth, along with the rest of Middlesex Centre, have a very bright future ahead. Guiding this future requires much research, finding balance, and keeping an ear to the ground with what’s happening at the provincial level, the federal level, and worldwide trends in municipal management.

This is the mindset I have done my best to bring the Middlesex Centre, and with your support I will continue to do that for another four years.

The issues I want to focus on during the next term of Council are:

Plank One - Parks and Recreation

I frequently hear that our indoor recreational facilities are top-notch, especially the Wellness Centre, but that our outdoor facilities need some revitalization. After coaching, spectating, and playing with my children, I agree we can do better.

What's Next?

We need additional soccer facilities in order to allow our residents to play more often, and on better ground than is currently available.

I have been in close contact with Tridon Group and municipal staff to ensure the revamped Optimist Park (Stephen Moore Dr) meets our needs.

We need upgrades to our baseball facilities to enhance the playing and spectating experience regardless of your age.

Improved equipment for groundskeeping, seating areas, player benches, and some shade would dramatically improve Komoka Park (Queen St).

We have several playing areas that have fallen into disrepair. This is a disservice to residents and discourtesy to those that erected them.

Residents deserve well-maintained playing surfaces like our tennis/pickleball, beach volleyball, and basketball courts, along with our horseshoe pits.

Our Parks & Recreation department has suffered from under funding across the board. A little can go a long way, and I want to ensure our staff has the resources to respond to community requests as soon as possible.

And whatever I can do to help foster their usage, whether that’s promoting a league or simply reminding residents of the facilities we have, I’m happy and committed to doing it! It’s what residents deserve.

Plank Two - Even Better Communication

In my 2014 campaign I promised to provide residents with regular updates about major decisions, major issues coming up at Council, consult with the public frequently, and ask staff to look at more proactive methods to communicate.

All of those things have occurred, including:

  • Regular communication via Facebook, Twitter, and email
  • New, official monthly email newsletter from Middlesex Centre staff
  • Multiple polls performed on large issues, and I voted accordingly
  • Spreading information about public meetings beyond the legal mandate
  • Multiple resident surveys run by staff to find out how people feel about multiple issues
  • Motion to include live streaming in our new digital agenda management software approved

What's Next?

A communication service level agreement with me that starts right now, including:

  • Council meeting previews at least 48 hours prior to meeting time
  • Council meeting recap within 48 hours after meetings
  • Acknowledgement of tweets, messages, emails, or phone calls within two business days
  • A full response to any communication within five business days

Plank Three - Coming soon!