What’s your position on Arva Fire Hall?

This is a question I’ve been hearing a lot lately, especially since closing Arva Fire Hall was just put to a vote last week. My understanding is that a decision was deferred for a year, which I was thankful to hear, but it also means I’ll be voting on it if I’m elected Councillor. So … Read moreWhat’s your position on Arva Fire Hall?

“Do you have any signs?”

The more people I talk to, the more frequently I hear the question, “Do you have any signs?” I’m flattered that people are asking, but for several reasons the answer is, “Sorry, I don’t.” Here’s why. My platform includes talk of fiscal responsibility. It is something I truly believe in, especially when you are spending … Read more“Do you have any signs?”

Comments on Development Charges Study

Last Wednesday there was a public participation meeting at 4pm in Middlesex Centre Council chambers. Unfortunately only two members of the public (including myself) and one member of the press were able to make the meeting, but a consultant named Andrew from Watson & Associates Economists Ltd. was on-hand to give a presentation of the background … Read moreComments on Development Charges Study

Closed Meeting Investigations in Middlesex Centre

It recently came to my attention, after reviewing the Ontario Ombudsman’s website, that Middlesex Centre was not using the Ombudsman, or even the Association of Municipalities of Ontario’s Local Authority Services, to provide closed meeting investigation services. Instead, based on the Ombudsman’s list, this service was contracted out to a gentlemen named John Maddox. I don’t know … Read moreClosed Meeting Investigations in Middlesex Centre