Council Recap: June 16, 2019

Hello, and welcome to another Middlesex Centre Council recap! If you want to follow along with the agenda, you can find it here.

Council started at 17:00 with a closed session.

Delegations, Presentations & Petitions

Once it was complete, we moved on to the Martin Road Development Municipal Drain Engineer’s Report. The report was reviewed and authorized.

Christene Scrimgeour of Scimgeour & Company presented her audit report on the Municipality’s 2018 financials. I’m happy to report that everything was in order, and no issues were identified.

Peter Simcisko was once again in front of Council to look at various options relating to development charges, primarily whether to use a differentiated calculation across residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural land, whether to subsidize agricultural or commercial DCs, and what not. At the end of the day, Council opted to direct that Watson continue using the existing calculation methods, and not subsidize any one type of land. We should be able to finalize the development charges at July’s Council meeting.

Consent Agenda

All items in the consent agenda were received for information after some brief Q & A.

Staff Reports

The Sunningdale Pit Licensing Agreement with London Police Services was approved. This will greatly reduce the number of times LPS will be able to use the pit for training purposes, alleviating a lot of scheduling issues for Middlesex Centre staff.

The Watson Municipal Drain construction was awarded to Robinson Farm Drainage.

Public Meetings

All the requests were approved or granted.

Committee of Adjustment

All four applications for minor variance were approved.


Deputy Mayor Brennan moved to support Lucan-Biddulph and New Tecumseh’s letters to the province about the reduction in funding for libraries, which resulted in the interlibrary loan system being shut down earlier this year. I seconded the motion, and Council approved sending our own letter related to our displeasure regarding the funding reduction to the province as well.

And that’s that! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please let me know. I just got a new phone number specifically for Council business which can be found on the Contact page.

Have a great weekend!