Council Recap: May 22, 2019

Hello! If you didn’t read the preview, you can do so here if you like.

Since it’s coming so late due to illnesses going around my house, and a recent business trip, I’m going to keep things short. I’m also skipping over the June 5 meeting since I wasn’t able to attend.

We had a thorough asset management presentation from Watson & Associates, who is also performing the latest Development Charges study update. It’s worth glancing through if you’re interested in just how much “stuff” the municipality owns and manages.

Morgan Calvert, Director of ITS for the County also presented some new policies. As previously mentioned, I did make some suggestions, almost all of which will be incorporated in a Consent Agenda update at a future Council meeting.

Participation in the Play It Forward initiative, fully funded by Middlesex Dairy Producers, was approved. Municipal staff will be administering the funds provided.

The lease with Perth Care for Kids, ITS policies, Strategic Asset Management policy, appointments to the Ilderton Community Improvement Plan committee, Asset Management Program update, interdepartmental vehicle transfer, and tri-axle tender results were all approved.

Dr. Qutaiba’s motion to defer their application was approved.

All other motions were approved, including the variance application and applications at public meetings.

Thanks for reading! We’ll get all caught up with June 19’s meeting shortly.