Windows Server 2012 In Your Small Business – Part 7

Many smaller companies operate globally, with small offices dotted around the world. There may be a small “head office” that houses the CEO and a few key people, but with small offices of two or three people in various different cities, it can be hard to keep things centralized. Even large restaurant chains run into … Read more

Windows Server 2012 In Your Small Business – Part 6

In Windows Server 2012, the Server Manager has been redesigned to make it easier to manage multiple remote servers from a single admin console. Thankfully Windows Server 2012 servers are configured to allow for remote management by default, requiring less configuration upfront to make it work. There is a new dashboard that provides you with … Read more

Ubuntu 12.10 – First Impressions

I finally got the chance to try the latest release of my favourite desktop Linux distribution – Ubuntu 12.10. And wow, have things ever improved on the installation front! This was easily the simplest Linux installation I’ve ever been through. I launched VMware Player, created a┬ánew virtual machine, and powered up the new Ubuntu VM. … Read more

Windows Server 2012 In Your Small Business – Part 5

Not only can Hyper-V be more easily leveraged in small businesses now, but Windows Server 2012 also introduces additional storage flexibility, allowing the use of cheaper storage in more ways, and adding new features to your existing storage solutions. SMB 3 The server message block (SMB) protocol is ancient in technology terms. However it’s a … Read more

Windows Server 2012 In Your Small Business – Part 4

Today I’m going to highlight a few features that all revolve around Hyper-V. They are: – Live Migration – VM Import – Hyper-V Replica Live Migration If you’ve been working in virtualized environments for any period of time, you’ll likely agree the migrating a VM from one host to another used to be a tedious … Read more