Kilworth PPM Re: Revised Zoning for New Subdivision

I attended last week’s public meeting regarding a revised re-zoning request being put forth for the Don Black lands. If you missed the first go around back in December 2013, just click here to see what happened then. This most recent zoning application was a very, very different story from the first. On a side … Read more Kilworth PPM Re: Revised Zoning for New Subdivision

On Communication

Almost every time I speak to someone about my campaign for Councillor of Ward 4, especially when canvassing, I talk about communication. Middlesex Centre does occasionally sending out the CentreLine, a small feel-good pamphlet about things happening around the municipality. It’s mostly fluff though – the last one talked about the new splash pad, public … Read more On Communication

What’s your position on Arva Fire Hall?

This is a question I’ve been hearing a lot lately, especially since closing Arva Fire Hall was just put to a vote last week. My understanding is that a decision was deferred for a year, which I was thankful to hear, but it also means I’ll be voting on it if I’m elected Councillor. So … Read more What’s your position on Arva Fire Hall?

“Do you have any signs?”

The more people I talk to, the more frequently I hear the question, “Do you have any signs?” I’m flattered that people are asking, but for several reasons the answer is, “Sorry, I don’t.” Here’s why. My platform includes talk of fiscal responsibility. It is something I truly believe in, especially when you are spending … Read more “Do you have any signs?”