Council Recap: Oct 9, 2019

Hey folks, I’m sorry this is coming late. I have been running around managing about 5 different projects lately, so I haven’t had a chance to take my live tweets and convert them into a blog post. But, here we go!

Here is the preview, in case you missed it.

  • Closed session took a full hour.

Delegations, Presentations & Petitions

  • Mayor DeViet presented the Middlesex Centre Pollinator Team with a certificate, and showing Middlesex Centre is a full registered member of the Mayor’s Monarch Pledge now!
  • Heather Kepran just did a short presentation on the new website. It looks sleek, it’s responsive, and the information architecture (sitemap) is much improved! I’m looking forward to the go live date.
  • Arnie Marsman presented Evolta’s new digital building permit system.
  • Arnie talked about how they’re working with Evolta to keep making changes to the software, enhance it, and they want to start using the Inspection module in about a month.

Consent Agenda

  • Cllr Heffernan asked for clarity on Ilderton arena grant application like cost (roughly $35,000,000 if we include a curling rink), two ice pads now or not (not right away), and so on.
  • Cllr Aerts asked to take the Service Line Warranties issue out to vote on it separately.
  • Some discussion about the warranties endorsement. Cllr Aerts against endorsing one particular company. Staff clarified that this is a relationship made available through AMO.
  • Consent Agenda approved.
  • SLWC endorsement denied on a 3-3 vote (DM Brennan not present). As far as I can tell, this now means that Middlesex Centre residents cannot purchase any warranties from this firm at all, never mind missing out on the 5% royalty the municipality would have received.

Public Meeting

  • A single item, basically no discussion about the application. Re-zoning approved.

Staff Reports

  • COLA increase at 2% approved. I once again made the comment that 2% at the bottom is nowhere near equal to 2% at the top, but don’t have any solutions.
  • Mayor DeViet asked the Treasurer to speak to that. Treasurer spoke to work done by ML Consulting that shows higher increases at bottom compresses pay grid and could result in higher increases at higher pay bands later, which could cost even more. I understand that, but it’s still not a fair system in my opinion.
  • Mayor DeViet now going over last County Council meeting. County Council has made the decision to begin marketing the property on King St in London. A few unsolicited expressions of interest have been received, so now it’s being opened up to see what kinds of offers County receives.
  • By-laws passed, tonight’s Council meeting is done! Thanks for reading.