Council Recap: Feb 6, 2019

If you missed the agenda and preview, click here. I’m going to keep this recap short since tomorrow is the next meeting.

Delegations, Presentations & Petitions

Kandice Acierno made her statements regarding, what she feels to be, erroneous billing. Council asked many questions of both Ms. Acierno and staff regarding other, similar issues and whether any water meters were found to be faulty (they haven’t), or whether one vendor’s water meters have caused more complaint than another (MXC uses two vendors, roughly 50/50 split of complaints). In the end, Council voted to provide a period of 10 months with no penalties to give the Acierno family more time to pay the bill, and a vow to return to the issue if another underlying cause is found.

Consent Agenda

All reports were received for information.

Staff Reports

  • Playground Equipment RFP Results
    • I love, love the design of the new Delaware playground! The racing theme is so appropriate, and I’m confident the kids that get to play on it will enjoy it, too!
    • Council approved Henderson Recreation Equipment as the vendor for both Delaware and Weldon Park’s new playgrounds.
    • As noted previously, Middlesex Centre residents are paying less than $10,000 thanks to an Ontario Trillium Grant our staff were successful in obtaining.
  • Budget 2019
    • Council approved the new property tax rates for 2019.
    • A home with a $400,000 assessment can expect to pay an additional $85 in property taxes for 2019 including the tax rate increase and assessment value increase.
    • This does not include any increases or decreases to the education rate or the County’s rate; those are done separately and won’t be known until March or April.
  • The work for the Garden Ave storm sewer replacement engineering services was awarded to Stantec.

Nothing significant to note from the Correspondence. All the by-laws were approved.

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