Council Preview: Dec 19, 2018

Welcome to another Middlesex Centre Council meeting preview for December 19, 2018! I’m sorry this one is coming to you later than usual.

You can find the meeting agenda here, which has a special start time of 5:30pm.

  • We’ll be starting with a presentation from Middlesex Centre’s independent human resources contractor, Marianne Love, on what she has found for salary increases in 2019. This is a report Council receives annually.
  • On average there is a 1.84% increase proposed for similar municipalities in 2019, and a median of 1.89%. Overall she is recommending a 2% increase in the salary grid for Middlesex Centre in order to remain competitive and ensure we can attract and retain talented staff. She also recommends that staff only receive a full step up on the salary grid based on performance, not the annual adjustment made.

Delegations, Presentation & Petitions

After we vote on adopting the previous meeting minutes, we will have presentations from:

Consent Agenda

  • First up is the November Building Report
    • A strong November has put is in front of 2017’s pace in terms of building permits issued and development charges collected
  • Then the Budget to Actual November 2018
    • Any items worth noting are already identified in the far-right column, like why some of the percentages are so low compared to where they would be expected to be at this time of year (largely due to reduced expenses or bill timing)

Staff Reports

Public Meetings

Items of note within Ward 4 include:

  • 85 Queen St – by-law enforcement were called in because of a complaint, and identified that Kevlar Property Maintenance has been improperly using the site. Kevlar would like a temporary usage permit to continue using it in this manner for three years, and our Planning staff is recommending that the application be denied
  • 10125 Oxbow Dr – this is the third time this item is on the agenda. The first time the applicant asked that it be deferred, and last time our staff asked that the issue be deferred in order to get a better gauge of the full scope of development proposed, as this initial three-lot severance is just the first phase of a development that will span around 80 lots on the south side of Oxbow Drive, east of the Komoka water tower. Planning staff is recommending the initial lot severance be granted


  • Nothing terribly significant here for residents. ROMA is looking for new board members from the area, but I’m going to leave it to other colleagues across Southwestern Ontario to fill those spots until the next ROMA AGM. At that time, in 2020, I may seek a spot at the table. We’ll see what else is going on at the time. 🙂
  • The Ontario government has also released its new environment plan for consulation. If you’re interested, you can read AMO’s correspondence and get involved!

And that’s it for the last Council meeting of 2018! If you have anything you’d like to chat about, let me know!