Celebrating Success in London

Inspired by a London Free Press moderated roundtable that included several people I have a huge amount of respect for, like Jodi Simpson, Kevin Van Lierop and Chantelle Diachina, I want to spent some time talking about some of the tech-related companies and individuals in London that are doing good things in and for the community, but are also striving in London’s highly underrated tech scene.

  • rTraction – a highly skilled, well-respected web development and online marketing firm that services many non-profits in the city
  • Echidna Solutions – another great web development firm who has donated a lot of their time to efforts like Emerging Leaders
  • Info-Tech Research Group – one of the top 10 IT research firms in the world, rated as the best IT research firm by Outsell (full disclosure: I work at ITRG)
  • Resolution Interactive Media – a very talented group of web developers best known for their online training site built for LHSC, and highly interactive websites for several Ontario colleges
  • Big Blue Bubble – a local video game development company, probably best known for Burn The Rope right now
  • Antic Entertainment – local video game development company that has won awards for their game Junk Battles
  • Start Communications – an Internet service provider, with their own network around downtown London, that customers have been raving about ever since the UBB debate flared up earlier this year
  • Aaron McGowan – a well-respected, and very talented, freelance programmer that specializes in mobile apps and mobile websites
  • Digital Extremes – a large video game developer that’s produced several blockbuster titles like BioShock, Unreal Tournament, Homefront and Dark Sector

And there are lots of others, most of which can be seen on TechAlliance’s Member Directory. For instance, I bet you didn’t know that DirectDial.com is owned by EK3 Technologies, which is based in London. I’m not going to sit here and boast about my company, Orpheum Hosting Solutions, but I do believe Orpheum’s providing a much needed service to freelancers and small business owners!

So really, I won’t sit here and listen to people complain about the lack of a tech industry in London. No, we’re not Santa Clara, California (in the heart of Silicon Valley). But that doesn’t mean there isn’t an industry to break into, or a need that’s going unserved. In fact, if you’re feeling frustrated with your attempts to find a job as a developer or networking professional, London has enough small businesses that the right business plan and marketing will get you the opportunity to do plenty of work. I used to freelance and got the opportunity to build computer networks from scratch for several businesses, and I knew a lot less then than I do now.

Here’s the video.