Software Review: reQall

At times you can find me on my cell phone leaving what seems to be a very odd voicemail to someone else. Other times you’ll find me online adding things to a to-do list that I can access almost anywhere. What am I doing? Adding an item to reQall.

ReQall is a terrific service I started using earlier this year. Basically it lets me keep a virtual to-do list active, all the time, and accessible via my phone and the Internet. If you click here you can see that reQall has built plugins for several different platforms.

Not only does this save paper, but it’s far more convenient than keeping a proper to-do list around. I can set due dates for items, create lists (like a shopping list) and if you sign up multiple people in the same home, you can share lists (as seen on the site).

One thing I would like to improve is the interface. It’s okay, but it could use a little work. Overall it works just fine though. And because it’s mostly web-based, it’s platform independent.

Now I just need to remember that I have it more often and use it to remember songs I hear on the radio and ideas I have while I’m driving! Now go check it out for yourself!