Week At A Glance

You know what? I had a pretty good week.

On Sunday, I noticed that someone has finally decided to go toe-to-toe with Caldense Bakery in Strathroy. They’re opening up a Coffee Culture at the southwest corner of Caradoc St S and Erie St (2 doors south of McDonald’s). That will be a hell of a welcome addition to Strathroy, although admittedly I doubt the longetivity of a place like Coffee Culture in such a small town. I hope it does well though!

And you know what? I just did some research and discovered that there are Coffee Culture locations in towns like Hanover, Mount Forest and Tillsonburg. If those towns can support it, so can Strathroy!

I just hit the phones at work for the first time on Tuesday and, though I had a rocky start, today was fantastic. 3 full pitches and my first sale! Exciting times I tell you!

On Wednesday evening I had the pleasure of attending my first local social media meetup, affectionately referred to as the “Geek Dinner“. Omar Ha-Redeye, whom I did not get a chance to speak to, has a list of the people who attended minus the two ladies, Bette and Kim.

Kathleen and I also started organizing the apartment. The amalgamation of two lives who have lived on their own for several years has got to be one of the hardest things a relationship can go through. All the sorting, debating what to keep and what not to keep, the re-arranging… I relish the day this part of the process is over!