Projects In Progress

I certainly enjoy keeping myself busy, and with things so slow at work I have picked up a few side projects.

First of all my best friend Rick and I are working on CAR-MA. If you’ve ever seen Top Gear (the original from the UK), then you know exactly what we’re going for with CAR-MA; minus the magazine and TV show.

I’m also busy building the website for local band The Voyd. It’s coming along nicely and I’ll be showing it to the lead singer sometime today or tomorrow to get some feedback. No previews for the general public though, sorry!

And of course there’s this site. This will be a constant work in progress. I’ve made a few changes to the base theme so far, but it still looks far too much like the original. I’m not in a big hurry though as this is mostly a gateway to everything I do and everywhere I am on the net more than anything else.